Samsung brought the Galaxy Life to parties and events around the world. With the help of some very exciting tech, I came up with the concept to utilize Samsung's product line of mobile devices and televisions to showcase Instagram content at live-events including Art Basel Miami and SXSW. I also designed the UX/UI for the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Tab augmented reality wall experience at Sundance Film Festival.

my contribution

Design UX/UI system around interactive augmented reality displays, media assets and environment signage.

Ideate, engineer and run branded, real-time Instagram aggregate visualizations across Samsung displays and mobile devices at live influencer events.

Automate process for Instaprinter to pull Instagram photos based on tags, size images then print on-site in real-time.

social feed

Influencers and branded hashtags were everywhere. Samsung users at some events were provided with a new Samsung Galaxy Note or Tab and encouraged to highlight and capture art, performances and parties.

The “Instaprinter” became a favorite reappearing event feature and hotspot.

UX/UI design

Sizing for scale required a responsive design of equal columns and percentage margins. The simple three-column interface allowed images to be large enough to view from a distance or on a small mobile device, preserving the branded, real-time social aggregate experience. 

UX/UI design

The flow above outlines the process of discovery to display, with the added ability to print automatically within minutes of posting to Instagram.

Samsung TVs were available to connect to a wired ethernet MacMini to display the photo feed. The branded layout was scaled based on TV resolution to preserve continuity throughout the event.