project overview

Accenture's Global Virtual Supplier Inclusion & Sustanability Summit 2020 created opportunities for over 800+ attendees of corporations and diverse suppliers, over 3 days in 4 continents in an innovative virtual environment. Through the collaboration and co- innovation of teams around the world, notably AP42 developing the virtual platform, shareholders, employees, clients and partners were able to hear from Accenture’s Global CEO, CPO and key leaders on their commitment to the importance of shared success.

my contributions

Lead virtual environment design, feature development and UX/UI across a suite of mobile and desktop applications built on the Oggi platform.

Utilize existing Accenture brand artifacts to produce original video and interactive content for unique user experiences across iOS, Android, AR/VR, and native desktop.


Oggi was designed to be a seamless experience across desktop, mobile, virtual and augmented reality. UI continuity was paramount to keep Oggi intuitive and easily adopted.

environment design

I led teams of international designers and developers to ideate and build custom Oggi environments and features via Unity Engine.

design features

Avatars are an integral component of the platform experience, one of the few indicators of real-time interactivity and connection to other users. The avatar disk view moves throughout the environment and needed to be easily legible with a minimal UI layout.


Natural light, shadowing and surface reflection is evident in the environment design, providing a texture, scale and added dimension crucial to a game environment interior.


The unit height of avatars and camera pitch was challenging considering the array of mixed media, interactive elements and playback of humanoid avatars in the environment.


Spatial audio was critical after adding overlapping real-time streaming media with sound from interactive objects, avatars and networking features.

brand identity

Brand identity was set by Accenture and provided little room for added input. I did, however, contribute to the overall brand appearance utlizing gradients, accent colors, and logo sizing and placement throughout Oggi applications. 

User mode

One of the most critical browser design layouts was the Choose Your Experience landing page. It needed to be intuitive and make clear the experience mode options available without too little or too much detail.

Early versions of the page followed initial brand style guidelines (i.g. uppercase and repeated shadow type treatment) which were later modified and abandoned by the client.

Final Design

After several iterations, I decided to tone down the overall appearance by reducing the number of colors, deepening the background gradient to show better contrast with type.

I decided to serve user mode options based on the device used to access this page. If accessed via mobile, the “browser experience” column and “download desktop app” column were hidden. If desktop, the URI for downloading the Oggi app would be specific to the operating system and version. A simple script was added to the page to determine device and OS version.